Huffington Post loves abortion

It isn’t easy to find pro-life pregnancy centers. After a few attempts at creative word choice in Google, it is possible. What is found with virtually no effort, however, are resources on how to kill a baby in the womb.

I was looking for pro-life pregnancy resources in my country. I came across a ghastly article put out by the Huffington Post in 2013. It is an attempt at an undercover exposé like has been done in various Planned Parenthood locations (which have revealed some disturbing information). An attempt to turn the tables, but all that the writer could do was twist information and produce libel and expose a terribly dark agenda.

This is going to be a difficult article to slog through. I say ‘slog’ because it’s like trying to sort through mud. The dark, dark mind revealed here is almost too much to handle.

I will be inserting my own commentary throughout indicated by square brackets. I will try to be as coherent as possible, though what is contained within the article is filled with madness.

Here it is:

What I Learned Undercover at a Crisis Pregnancy Center

I wasn’t considering abortion. I wasn’t considering adoption, or parenting, or childcare. I wasn’t even pregnant, and I definitely wasn’t scared — at least not at first.

[Right off the bat, she lacked the real experience of being pregnant at the time. She went in with a flippant attitude.]

When I volunteered to visit multiple crisis pregnancy centers in Virginia, I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are the foot soldiers in the war against women. These anti-choice non-profits pose as women’s health clinics then use lies and manipulation to dissuade pregnant women from considering their full range of reproductive options (ie: abortion and birth control).

[The source she linked is to another HP article that did not give a credible source for the information.Without supporting her statements, she immediately says that CPC’s use lies and manipulation (a well documented PP tactic). She uses the phrase “anti-choice” in order to avoid using the word abortion and to paint a bad picture of CPC’s, right after saying that CPC’s use lies and manipulation. Abortion advocates use words and phrases to somehow sanitize the intentional shedding of innocent blood. If they can use misdirection instead of calling it what it really is, they can succeed in hiding the reality from people. Instead of us being called pro-life, which is really what we are, we are called anti-choice. It’s not choice, it’s the ability to murder.]

CPCs use a variety of tactics to lure women into their buildings: they offer free pregnancy testing, are known to list themselves under “abortion” in online directories and search results, and may use misleading names with the hope that women will confuse them for legitimate healthcare providers. Once inside, women are treated to a carefully crafted program of manipulation designed to dissuade them from choosing abortion, birth control, and if they’re not married – sex.

[This irony would be hilarious if it wasn’t about such a serious issue. Planned Parenthood uses those tactics. They promise healthcare, they promise that everything will be great if a woman aborts her child. As for listing themselves under “abortion” online, that’s not being deceitful, they don’t claim to offer abortion services, though, unfortunately, they do provide information on how to get one, they claim to also offer alternatives to killing babies. Who is lying here? There is still no credible back up of statements in this article. At all. Where is the proof that they manipulate and lie to women? There is abundant proof that PP does the manipulating (easily found) and that CPC’s give real help and care and tell the truth about abortion and give alternatives. They even provide counseling for post-abortive women, and for women who have been sexually assaulted. PP doesn’t do any of this (documented). Their priority is pushing to abort babies. Everything they do is for that end.]

In Virginia, there are over 58 CPCs, more than double the number of comprehensive reproductive healthcare centers in the state. Still, most people are unaware that CPCs exist — let alone understand the harm they cause. But I knew exactly what I was up against when I walked into “AAA Women for Choice” in Manassas, Virginia.

[They are unaware that CPC’s exist because they don’t have the resources and blood money that PP does. They can’t advertise or have a large online presence. It is volunteer based for the most part. How do they cause harm? She never elaborates or backs up her accusations. She knew exactly what she was up against at that CPC? I thought she implied she didn’t know in the first paragraph.]

At first glance, the center resembled a doctor’s office. The waiting room looked like it belonged to a pediatrician, complete with magazines and children’s toys. The atmosphere provided a sense of credibility and legitimacy. Under different circumstances, I would have trusted this façade; it would have put me at ease.

[Some more irony. PP locations also resemble a doctor’s office. People do fall for that illusion, however. The unfortunate reality is instead of preserving life, the ‘clinic’ ends in death. In how many ways are PP clinics made to fool women and put them at ease?]

After checking in, I was introduced to my “counselor,” a conservatively dressed middle-aged woman who led me to one of the back rooms. She sat across from me with some forms on a clipboard I was not permitted to see. Much like the décor, the set-up reinforced the sense of professionalism and expertise. The consultation began with the standard questions: name, address, age, date of last period?

[Did she ask to see the forms? Is it usual to see the forms when you are answering questions in that kind of setting? Was she refused access? This lady needs to be more crafty in her writing. She is speculating on the motives of the atmosphere again. Well, she is partly right. It is meant to be a welcoming and comforting atmosphere because that is what it is. They actually provide real help.

Right as I began to relax, the Q&A took a turn for the personal and invasive. “What is your relationship with your parents like?” “How is your financial situation?” “Have you told the father?” “What is his religion?” “Are his parents religious?” “How many people have you slept with?” “Would your parents be excited about a grandchild?”

[Invasive? Invasive like someone putting some instruments inside a woman’s uterus to dismantle a baby alive and then pull out its body parts piece by piece? She walked in there voluntarily. Has she never sought help before? Psychiatric? They ask questions like that to know the best care and help they can provide. You won’t get that at any PP location because they don’t care and they don’t help. Once they have gotten what they want from a woman, they discard her. Yay feminism! Seriously! Those questions bothered her? Murdering children in the womb doesn’t bother her, but asking (allegedly) if her parents would be excited to be grandparents does bother her? What a world.]

As I sat there having my life probed, the purpose of the questions dawned on me. In case the test was positive, my “counselor” wanted to know which tactic to use to persuade me to continue the pregnancy — exactly where my resolve was the weakest. Was there a loving Christian boyfriend who would make a great dad? Did I have kind supportive parents who would be excited by the idea of a grandchild? I knew I wasn’t pregnant — knew exactly what she was doing — knew she wasn’t a doctor. But my body reacted instinctively to her questions with guilt and shame. It felt like a kick in the gut when she asked if I had told my brother about the baby, and I felt a creeping sense of selfishness as I imagined the door slamming on my shared apartment, my twenties, my life. Would my parents want me to have this child? Would it matter?

[Wow. The obliviousness is unbelievable. She was feeling like her life was being probed? Again, she goes into speculation and still provides no quotes, no proof, no evidence, no sources…and she expects us to believe that what was said was said in that way. It felt like a kick in the gut? Did she really write this stuff expecting to be taken seriously?]

The woman stopped between questions to comment on my answers and lie. “Oh, you’ve taken birth control. Let me tell you how that causes cancer and is the same a medication abortion.” I was told abortion would scar me for the rest of my life — would damage all of my future relationships and leave me “haunted.” I was told the pill could cause breast cancer, that condoms are “naturally porous” and don’t protect against STIs, and that IUDs could kill me. She lectured and lied to me for over an hour before I even received the results of my pregnancy test.

[Again, the accusation of lying but there is no documentation. I wonder what the lady really said. I can imagine what was really told: the truth about birth control, but in this woman’s mind, it was all twisted up, whether on purpose or unintentional, I don’t know. Abortion does scar women for life. Many post abortive women commit suicide, but I guess that’s none of PP’s concern. It does affect every relationship. The pill has been linked to breast cancer. As for the rest, I find it highly doubtful that those things were said like that. She had to use some word play. But then, I can’t know because she didn’t document it.]

Also interspersed in the deception were subtle judgments of my life decisions. “So you do have some scruples about you,” she said at one point, referring to my low number of sexual partners. One of the most disturbing comments came when I was pressed about the sexual experience leading to my visit, the reason I supposedly needed a pregnancy test in the first place. I told her an all too common story of acquaintance rape. I had been at a party, I said, severely intoxicated and unable to consent, “I didn’t remember anything… I just wished it hadn’t happened.” Her response made it clear that the situation was my fault, “Oh so he took advantage of you. Well just don’t do it again sweetie; just don’t do it again.” It made me sick.

[Oh, she said ‘deception’! Still no proof. This is called begging the question. I thought she was a law intern or something or other? She has built this whole article on an unproven premise. She sure has thin skin if she can’t handle being challenged. This article is like, “This is what I think, don’t you dare challenge that or you are a hater.” And once again, we only have what she says the counsellor said. No documentation. It made her sick? Murder of unborn children and the lengths these people will go to for it makes me sick.]

It only got worse after a positive pregnancy test. At another CPC (the deceptively named “A Woman’s Choice” in Falls Church, Virginia) I could hear two employees whispering before entering my room, plotting strategies to reveal the test results and best manipulate my reaction. When they did finally clue me in, my concerns were casually brushed aside and used as ammunition for their agenda: I could care for a baby with no job, my parents would certainly help, and I could absolutely handle the stress. They even argued that I could be a law student while pregnant: “It will probably be good for the baby,” the woman said, “because you will be sitting down all of the time.”

[Why didn’t she record any of this? Why does she think she can say this is an exposé when she has nothing? How do these liberals with a pro-abortion agenda get away with this? HP is not journalism. It’s propaganda. I can’t even think of a reason to counter anything else she has said here because this is not a report. It’s not an exposé. This is probably one of the worst undercover endeavours but HP took it and printed it anyway. It’s mind-boggling how there seems to be no true journalism anymore. So, in her own words, she explains what the counsellors allegedly said. I’m trying to see how even her skewed version of events is bad.]

At this center and elsewhere, the conversations were always the same. It didn’t matter how many times I said that l didn’t want to be pregnant or be a mother the CPC staffer would continue to bully me. Their tactics were so blatantly manipulative that I should have been able to fight back. I wanted to have a response, some kind of self-defense. But I couldn’t find anything to say. I am pro-choice feminist activist and I often discuss these kinds of difficult and emotionally sensitive topics at work and in school. Yet these women’s so-called concern left me defenseless, struggling to find a response that didn’t play right into their hands.

[Elsewhere? Where else? Where’s the documentation? This is so embarrassingly sloppy. Is this what the pro-abortion people have? I guess so. They can only have lies and manipulation because they have no truth on their side. Now she calls it bullying. Can anyone else see right through that? This article is full of weasel words. She talks about it at work and in school but she had no response when her beliefs were challenged? Of course she is ready to have things to say in an echo chamber! Encountering an alternative way of thinking is bullying to her.]

The way that these women treated me made one thing very clear: they didn’t care about me, my future, my happiness, or my relationships. I was simply a shell that needed to be distracted and kept questioning until it was too late for me to make my own choices, and too late for me to decide if this is what I wanted — or not. I truly can’t imagine the pain that CPCs inflict on women who are actually struggling with an unintended pregnancy. I left each CPC feeling humiliated, terrified, and panicked… and I wasn’t even pregnant.

[Yes, they do care. They care enough to tell women that abortion is never the solution. They are courageous enough to work day after day for the cause of unborn children. They care in the face of people like this woman who seeks to destroy life. They care about women in a real way. They tell women the devastating effects of abortion. Abortion not only takes an innocent life, it results in lifelong desolation for most women. Many end in the death of the mother at her own hand. So many women wish they could go back. But they can’t. This NARAL woman had a strong reaction to the CPC’s she visited and she blames her bad feelings on them rather than the in-built conscience she was born with. That knowledge that what she is standing for and fighting for is wrong. She couldn’t face that and she instead lashed out by writing this piece. She said she can’t imagine the pain CPC’s (supposedly) inflict on women? This all came from her imagination. She should think about the pain and devastation of abortion. Think about what abortion really is and what it does to women. If she really cared about women and their well-being, she would get out of her echo chamber again and bravely face the truth that bothered her conscience before and take a good, honest look.]

I think we can all agree that it is wrong to shame someone seeking guidance. It is wrong to lie to someone in order to manipulate her future. It is wrong to treat women like walking wombs. Yet these tactics are core to the mission of Virginia’s crisis pregnancy centers. They advertise to scared women who need help, and they claim to offer unbiased information, guidance, and support to those who need it. But instead CPCs treat women the way they treated me — like disobedient children who need to be schooled in religion and saved from their own decisions. To them a woman is a vessel for a future baby, nothing more.

[Yes, we can agree that it’s wrong to shame someone seeking guidance, but that’s not what CPC’s do. That’s what Planned Parenthood does. Planned parenthood lies to people in order to manipulate their future. Planned Parenthood treats women like walking wombs in the way that they see every pregnant woman as a chance to cash in. These tactics are the core to the mission of PP. CPC’s do not claim to provide unbiased information. They are biased toward life. To Planned Parenthood, a woman is a vessel for potential cash, nothing more. PP gets what they want and then drop the woman. No follow-up, no counselling. CPC’s offer real help and resources so a woman can know they don’t have to resort to murder to have a fulfilling life. They follow up. They help even women who have had abortions and have nowhere else to find help. CPC’s have ladies who have been through it all and they are willing to reach out and walk alongside. PP never, ever, does anything like that.]

Ultimately, my undercover CPC investigations allowed me to witness firsthand the cruelty and deception at the heart of the anti-choice movement. As a result, I am even more dedicated to ensuring that every woman has the freedom to make her own deeply personal reproductive health decisions. Surprisingly, I also realized that I agree with Virginia CPCs on one point: when a woman walks through their doors, a life is at stake. But throughout all of my investigations, I was the only one who thought it was mine.

[You mean sloppy undercover and shoddy infiltration. Too bad she didn’t get any evidence. More weasel words: cruelty and deception (look in the mirror). Again, we’re not anti-choice, we are anti murder of babies. Instead of taking an honest look at CPC’s, she basically freaked out and became more entrenched in her comfort zone. She came out of the rabbit hole, saw the sun and instead of allowing the sun to shine on her, she scurried back into the darkness of what she knows.]

This woman worked for NARAL at the time (National Abortion Rights Action League in the United States) and clearly has an agenda. There is a video on the site where the article is posted (follow the link) and in it the man interviewing her says that CPC’s pose as medical facilities. No, they do not. They never claim to be a medical facility. They are trained volunteers who provide resources, help and counselling. Her exposé was done in a sloppy manner. She took no documentation and acquired absolutely no proof to back up what she has stated. Why didn’t she record it? Does she expect us to just take her word for it? No, not after seeing the way she thinks people can be misled. You can’t believe a single word she says in that video. This is a clumsy attempt to somehow catch CPC’s in some violation. All she could do was fabricate supposed violations and it was a laughably slipshod attempt at that. Articles and rhetoric like this are all that can be expected from the pro-abortion movement. They use manipulative language and outright lie. This article is nothing but libel. Yet, there are thousands upon thousands of things like this out there and they are getting away with it.

Unfortunately, CPC’s do provide information on how to get an abortion. Therefore, I can’t totally defend them. Please take this blog post as a critique of the article, not as a promotion of CPC’s. There are pro-life pregnancy centers. In Canada, please follow this link:


Here are some sources and documentation on Planned Parenthood:

Planned Parenthood exposed

The Center for Medical Progress – Investigative Footage

Life Site News: Planned Parenthood sets abortion quotas

The Daily Signal: 3 ways to expose the truth about Planned Parenthood

Please aslso take the time to watch this video:

Heart-wrenching Planned Parenthood Testimony



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